Digital Insights Helps Credit Union Pioneer Smartwatch Banking

Samsung Announces Second Biometric SmartphoneNCR subsidiary Digital Insight has developed a Wright-Patt Credit Union app that is compatible with Android smartwatches. The app uses biometric authentication to let users access their financial services on Android Wear devices.

The new app automatically syncs to the user’s Android Wear devices. After that, logging on the smartwatch is done via voice command. In a press release, Wright-Patt Credit Union’s Director of Retail Support Joel Huxley explained that the upgrade was intended to improve the user experience, asserting, “We are committed to offering banking solutions that are both easy to use and offer a great experience for our members. Today’s technological innovations open up the possibilities.”

Emphasizing Huxley’s point, a senior Javelin Strategy & Research analyst commented that with the continuing advances in wearable technology, “the way consumers bank, save, invest, and manage their money will radically change.”

That certainly appears to be the case, with a corollary revolution already underway in the realm of smartphones. And now that the Apple Watch appears poised to popularize the smartwatch in the mass market, and a number of mobile commerce and payment services are on the horizon, the conditions seem ideal for smartwatch banking to really take off. With the help of Digital Insights, Wright-Patt Credit Union would seem to have gotten itself ahead of the curve.