Dragon Legal Lets Lawyers Prepare Documents Via Speech

Nuance Communications has announced Dragon Legal, a speech recognition system that allows users to prepare legal documents via voice command.

Dragon Legal Lets Lawyers Prepare Documents Via SpeechThe system features a robust vocabulary of legal terms, which Nuance says was developed based on 400 million words from legal documents. It also offers transcription capabilities for voice memos, and is compatible with Dragon Anywhere, a cloud-based mobile dictation system available on iOS and Android.

Speech and voice recognition are, of course, Nuance’s specialty. The company’s technology has been used by major financial institutions, in connected car systems, and even in smartwatches; and while legal document preparation is a niche market, it is one full of potential customers who value technologies that can help them to be more efficient.

Commenting in a statement, Peter Mahoney, senior vice president and general manager of Dragon, explained that given their “important responsibilities to clients, trial preparation and time in the courtroom, lawyers need tools that simplify administrative duties like documentation.” Dragon Legal is just a such a tool, he suggested, it “allows legal professionals to complete documentation wherever their work takes them.”


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)