Rear-view Mirror Driver Authentication Powered by Delta ID

A new biometric authentication system for the car is based on Delta ID iris scanning technology.

Rear-view Mirror Driver Authentication Powered by Delta IDAnnounced on Wednesday by Gentex, the system is based in the car’s rear-view mirror, and can act as a kind of access control for the car. If the biometrics of the person in the driver’s seat don’t match the profile of an authorized user, the system can stop the car from being started. And if they do match, ignition can take place immediately upon identification, and in-car settings like seating position and music preferences can be adjusted automatically based on the driver’s profile.

Delta ID has now revealed that the system is based on its Active IRIS technology, which has also been used in the Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris tablet and has been approved for use in India’s Aadhaar biometric national ID program. The system enables “both higher security and convenience of touchless identification and authentication,” according to a statement from Delta ID president Salil Prabhakar. And Gentex is advertising the solution as one ideal for “car sharing, in-car payment and the autonomous driving space,” in the words of Gentex SVP Steve Downing.

The solution is being showcased at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where new smart car technologies are picking up speed.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)