Egis Brings Smorgasbord of Authentication Tech to MWC16

Egis Brings Smorgasbord of Authentication Tech to MWC16Taiwan-based Egis Technology is showing off its full range of offerings at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Among its latest offerings are its fingerprint sensors and mPayment solutions based on FIDO Alliance specifications. It’s also going to show off its FIDO Certified UAF and U2F solutions such as the YuKey SmartBand, which the company showcased at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and the YuKey USB U2F dongle, which made its debut at Cartes last autumn.

The company’s aim is to market itself as a “one stop shop for all fingerprint needs”, as Egis put it in a press release, while also offering complementary authentication technologies like digital signature encryption and dynamic login. With a growing number of organizations becoming interested in these kinds of technologies, Egis’ scattershot approach could ensure it has something for everyone at this year’s MWC.