Egis to Debut FIDO Certified Dongle at Cartes

Egis to Debut FIDO Certified Dongle at CartesFingerprint sensor developer Egis Technology plans to show off some new wares at this week’s Cartes Secure Connexions conference.

Among its new offerings will be the YuKey USB U2F dongle, which uses Egis’ EH570 sensor as well as advanced security measures like digital signature encryption. Other FIDO Certified and FIDO Ready UAF and U2F solutions to be displayed includeU2F Bluetooth, YuKey QRpay, and YuKey Pay; the latter two could prove particularly appealing given the rising popularity of mobile payment systems.

In a press release, the company asserted that its fingeprint sensors “are capable of authenticating and verifying the identity of the user with the absolute highest degree of confidence,” adding that they can work in both dry and wet conditions and are compact and low-energy. That last quality could prove important for potential integrations into IoT devices, where low power consumption is a priority.

Egis received FIDO certification for several of its offerings in May of this year, and went on to show them off at MWC Shanghai in July; around that same time, the company also joined FIDO’s board of directors. FIDO credentials clearly now play a hugely important part of the company’s overall brand and that of its newest offerings, and that should help to bolster their credibility as they are shown off at this week’s Cartes event.