Samsung Returns to Egis Tech For Galaxy C7 Integration

Egis Technology has scored another major design win for its fingerprint sensor technology. The company has announced that its ET320 will be used in “select models of the Samsung Galaxy C7”, according to a statement.

Samsung Returns to Egis Tech For Galaxy C7 IntegrationThe announcement comes a little over a month after that of the ET320’s integration into Samsung’s Galaxy A5, a mid-range device announced by the company last winter. And it suggests satisfaction on the part of Samsung, which evidently was happy enough with Egis’s biometric technology to return for another integration.

Commenting in a statement Egis Technology CEO Steve Ro said this second integration “further solidifies our position as one of the top fingerprint sensor providers in the market,” adding that the company plans to “expand our collaboration” with Samsung going forward.

Indeed, there could be some major opportunities on the horizon for Egis if it expands its relationship with Samsung. Biometric technology is pretty much standard on Samsung devices, and Google has announced plans to focus more on password alternatives for its Android devices, many of which are currently made by Samsung.