Egis Showing Off FIDO Certified Tech at MWC Shanghai

Egis Showing Off FIDO Certified Tech at MWC Shanghai

YuKey USB U2F sports the small EH570 fingerprint sensor which scan fingers in wet and dry conditions.

Egis Technology has announced that it will be showcasing its wide range of authentication solutions at this year’s MWC Shanghai exhibition and conference which kicks off this Wednesday. The company will be presenting its IC sensors, authentication solutions and mobile payment technology based on FIDO Alliance specifications.

Among the first companies to release products that adhere to the FIDO Certification Program, Egis offers solutions that meet the Universal Authentication Factor (UAF) and Universal Second Factor (U2F) specifications. Egis’ FIDO Certified tech brings a high standard of security and interoperability to the realm of user authentication.

The YuKey USB U2F dongle, which will be among Egis’s presented products, is versatile and multifactor by design. About the size of a wireless mouse receiver and requiring no additional drivers or software, the YuKey USB U2F sports the small EH570 fingerprint sensor which was on display earlier this year at CES and can scan in wet and dry conditions. The dongle offers device plus fingerprint authentication via USB connection as a viable and secure password replacement.

In addition to its YuKey line, Egis will be showcasing its hybrid and touch fingerprint sensors as featured on smartphones, tablets, wearable devices and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).