EgisTec Providing Biometrics for Acer Cloud Platform

Authentication in the CloudTaiwan-based Egis Technology Inc. (EgisTec) has teamed up with Acer to bring biometric fingerprint sensor technology to Acer’s Build Your Own Cloud ecosystem. EgisTec’s YuKey SmartBand will provide the means by which users will authenticate to access Acer’s BYOC.

Recently showcased at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the YuKey SmartBand is, of course, a wearable wristband with biometric sensors that can track the user’s cardiac, fingerprint, and activity measures. The device meets FIDO 1.0 specifications in terms of its data security – a security standard that is likely of some considerable importance to Acer, given that its Build Your Own Cloud platform is going to integrate Acer’s planned mobile payment service.

Speaking in a press release, EgisTec VP Sky Su expressed excitement about the new partnership, asserting that the “uKey Smartband will bring a higher level of security and biometric authentication to protect the data in Acer’s BYOC.”

As more companies enter into the cloud data services and the mobile payment market, biometric security could become an important factor in distinguishing a company from its competition – or, at least, keeping up with market standards. Acer’s new partnership with EgisTec is therefore a prudent move, and could prove to have been a necessary one.