EgisTec UAF and U2F Products Get FIDO Certification

EgisTec UAF and U2F Products Get FIDO CertificationTaiwan-based biometrics developer EgisTec has announced that its UAF and U2F products have been certified by the FIDO Alliance. The company’s YuKey UAF Client + UAF ASM/Authenticator APK, YuKey UAF Authenticator APK, and YuKey U2F Authenticator all now carry the distinction.

It’s only fitting, given that the company is a sponsor member of FIDO. With this certification, EgisTec’s UAF and U2F products are now guaranteed to adhere to a high standard of security, and to be compatible and interoperable with other FIDO-certified products and devices. In a statement, EgisTec CEO Steve Ro expressed excitement about the company’s new credentials, and explained that FIDO’s specifications “are changing the nature of authentication with standards for simpler, stronger authentication that reduce reliance on passwords.”

The certifications should go some way in helping the company’s brand as it continues to promote its offerings, of which there are many. The company showcased a number of new devices at this year’s CES, including its YuKey SmartBand; and has also seen its fingerprint sensor technology integrated into major smartphones seeking to implement biometric authentication. It’s a major player in the biometrics and authentication markets, in other words, and its newly acquired FIDO credentials should provide another boost to its credibility.