‘Electronic Tattoo’ Brings Wearable Biometrics To Marketing, Medicine

Israeli researchers are touting the benefits of a new wearable biometric device that could have a range of applications in areas including medicine and marketing.

'Electronic Tattoo' Brings Biometrics To Marketing, MedicineDeveloped by a team at Tel Aviv University, the device is referred to as an ‘electronic tattoo’ by the researchers. It isn’t a tattoo, of course: It’s more of a sticker designed to adhere to skin, along the lines of the My UV Patch device unveiled by L’Oréal at this year’s CES. Designed to wear on the side of a user’s face, the device features a carbon electrode, supported by a special polymer coating featuring nanotechnology.

Essentially, it monitors electric signals from facial muscles. In the field of medicine, it could help researchers track therapy for damaged tissue and nerves; and in marketing, the researchers say it could be used to assess how individuals are responding to certain messages.

There’s a growing market for the latter, but in that area the ‘electronic tattoo’ would be competing against less intrusive technologies based on facial recognition. But in the area of medical care, it could offer a salient monitoring option for a niche area of therapy, and if it’s adapted as a remote care solution, it could prove even more appealing. And, of course, there may be other potential applications for the device, too.

Source: American Friends of Tel Aviv University


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)