Embarcadero Highlights Misfit Shine Platform for Use of OAuth 2.0

Internet of Things, Smart Tech, Connectivity, Mobile EcosystemIn this week’s “Developing the Internet of Things Showcase”, Embarcadero Technologies is highlighting the Misfit Shine Fitness and Sleep Monitor platform. The system uses a wearable device – the Misfit Shine – to monitor biometric data produced both from users’ physical activity such as walking, biking, and even swimming, and from users’ sleep patterns; that data is then synced to software on almost any major operating system, such as Windows, iOS, Android, etc., whether on a desktop or an app.
Embarcadero emphasizes Misfit Shine’s use of OAuth 2.0 to handle authentication. The security protocol, while advanced and effective, can be a distraction for app developers working on multi-platform software; and that, of course, is where Embarcadero’s Appmethod software platform comes in, handling the transmission of data from the REST API so that the app developers can focus on the unique functionality of their own software.
Embarcadero has been keen to highlight the massive potential of the Internet of Things, and rightly so. It’s a burgeoning market attracting a lot of attention from major IT organizations, and also drawing a lot of concern from security experts who worry about new, emerging security vulnerabilities. Many developers excited to get their software and apps connected for IoT applications will likely be very happy to have their OAuth 2.0 security needs handled by a third party, allowing them to better focus their energies as they build their products and solutions.