EMEA Organizations Look to Behavior Analytics

EMEA Organizations Look to Behavior AnalyticsOrganizations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) are increasingly becoming aware of the digital security threats they face, and are taking measures to safeguard their data, according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan.

The report focuses on the ‘advanced persistent threats’, or APTs, that can “lie dormant inside the network for months and even years, exfiltrating valuable company data for illicit financial gain,” as a synopsis puts it. Counterbalancing those threats are the sophisticated offerings of ‘managed security service providers’, or MSSPs.

Senior Analyst Beatriz Valle suggests that while European organization have tended to adopt “a more relaxed approach to cyber security” compared to their American counterparts, the situation is quickly changing as they realize they are just as susceptible to attack as US organizations. As such, “MSSPs are partnering more than ever with product vendors to offer compelling APT solutions for the complex European market.”

The report suggests that analytics and behavioral modelling will be key tools in the emerging security solutions, and indeed we’re seeing these kinds of solutions start to emerge. Just today, Socure announced investment from a major venture capital firm for its Social Biometrics platform, which uses online behavior analytics to authenticate individuals. Meanwhile, NuData’s NuDetect system uses similar methods to flag potential fraud, aiming to do so long before it comes to fruition. These kinds of tools, coupled with the biometric authentication solutions starting to emerge on a range of devices, could prove highly important to organizations as they learn to navigate an increasingly complex digital threat landscape.