Emerging IoT Applications Driving Demand for NFC Tag Tech: HID Global

Attending this week’s RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow exhibition in Dusseldorf, HID Global has announced its top drivers behind the growth of NFC tag solutions.Emerging IoT Applications Driving Demand for NFC Tag Tech: HID Global

The basis for these drivers is the emerging Internet of Things, which is creating new applications for NFC technology as support for IoT broadens, as can be seen in the new NFC reading capabilities of Apple’s iOS 11 operating system. And these new applications are driving the need to ensure that the IoT is an “Internet of Trusted Things,” as HID Global puts it.

Looking to the industrial IoT, the need to get real-time data from equipment, facilities, and other assets is increasing demand for technologies using Bluetooth Low Energy wireless communications. And that, in turn, is helping to drive demand for high frequency and ultra-high frequency RFID tags that show visual evidence of tampering, a security measure that is growing more important as more sensitive data is transmitted through the Industrial IoT.

Finally, the last major trend outlined by HID is growing interest in RAIN UHF RFID tags enabling administrators to track inventory such as IT equipment. And in an environment like a data center, keeping track of such assets is critical to digital security.