Enacomm Gets New Promotional Partner for Biometric Banking Solutions

A new partner is going to help promote Enacomm technology in the financial services market.Enacomm Gets New Promotional Partner for Biometric Banking Solutions The company has announced that ConnexiCore, a consultancy specializing in that area, will offer Enacomm’s Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) and Enacomm Financial Suite (EFS) solutions to its bank and credit union clients.

Given Enacomm’s history as an early adopter of voice biometrics, it’s no surprise that both solutions rely heavily on such technology. The company’s VPA is designed to let end users access their accounts and perform financial transactions after authenticating via voice biometrics. EFS, meanwhile, offers a broader range of software tools aimed more at the administrative side of customer service, but key among them is once again a voice biometrics customer authentication component.

In a statement announcing the companies’ partnership, Connexicore President Frank J. Segarra III said it is “a logical move” for his company, “because we aim to bring our clients the best technology solutions available to solve the toughest business challenges and stay ahead of the competition.”

Connexicore will be promoting the solutions at a time when the financial services industry has shown growing enthusiasm for voice-based authentication, with major banks like Citibank having embraced the technology for its call-in centers. That excitement should also help to attract some attention to Enacomm’s demonstrations of its VPA solution at the Jack (Henry) Annual Conference in Nashville next week.