Entertech Highlights Importance of Biometrics in IoT Security

Entertech Highlights Importance of Biometrics in IoT SecurityEntertech Systems is predicting a hugely important role for biometric technology in Internet of Things security. In a new blog post, the company cites data from Gartner and Acuity Market Intelligence highlighting the growing importance of biometric authentication in a range of areas related to the IoT.

The company points to Gartner’s prediction that biometric sensors will see 500 million IoT connections in the year 2018, and that by 2020 that number will reach 26 billion. And given that mobile devices will likely play an important role in the IoT as it grows, it’s significant that Gartner forecasts almost a third of all companies will use biometric authentication on such devices by next year. Meanwhile, Entertech points out that Acuity predicts biometric technology will be standard on all smartphones within three years’ time—a trend that has already grown rapidly over the last year.

The data backs up Entertech’s larger argument that the password offers inadequate security for the IoT and must be replaced by biometric measures—an argument that echoes those of other experts in the field. For its part, the company has already begun to expand its biometric access control technology to the area of data center security, and its BioConnect identity management platform has proven appealing to other security experts such as Tyco, which integrated it into its own C-CURE 9000 platform last month. Entertech has valuable technology to offer for IoT applications, in other words, and the need for such solutions is increasingly clear.