Entrust Datacard Adds Facial Recognition to Authentication Systems

Entrust Datacard is introducing facial recognition to its Mobile Smart Credential and Mobile Soft Token systems.

Entrust DatacardThey already support fingerprint recognition and passcode security. Now, with facial recognition added to the mix, end users will be able to access enterprise applications just by looking at their mobile devices’ front-facing cameras.

The technology comes by way of FacePhi, whose mobile facial recognition solution has been embraced by major financial services organizations including HSBC Argentina.

In a statement announcing the move, Entrust Datacard Global VP of Authentication Ryan Zlockie suggested it reflects the company’s interest in biometric authentication more generally, asserting that Entrust Datacard is “committed to supporting a broad range of biometric alternatives coupled to our mobile and adaptive authentication”.

Entrust Datacard’s embrace of facial recognition comes after it announced its IntelliTrust solution earlier this year, an enterprise authentication system also based on mobile biometric authentication. And it arrives at a time of growing excitement over mobile facial recognition in the wake of Apple’s announcement that it’s next flagship iPhone will rely on 3D face scanning for user authentication, suggesting this kind of technology could go mainstream in much the same way that mobile fingerprint scanning has.