Envisioneering Singles Out AGNITiO’s KIVOX Mobile Software

AGNITiOShowStoppers is held during the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and acts as a chance for vendors and media to connect. It is also host to industry research firm Envisioneering’s “Innovation & Design Awards”: distinctions awarded to a select number of technology players from all over the broad technology industry.

This year, over 120 companies launched new products during ShowStoppers and among them was voice biometrics and invisible authentication provider AGNITiO, whose recently unveiled KIVOX Mobile software makes mobile voice authentication a reality for business and personal users.

The way KIVOX Mobile works is exceedingly simple from an end user perspective. You start by speaking to your phone so that KIVOX can learn your voiceprint, then you set your permissions, authorizing apps to authenticate via voice. After those two steps are done, KIVOX users can simply speak in order to pay, log in to accounts or perform multiple transactions.

Envisioneering selected 22 new innovations that were present at ShowStoppers, from among the 18 companies chosen to be honored by the firm. the deliberation took three weeks, and in the end the five judges included AGNITiO’s mobile software on the list of honorees.

The research director of Envisioneering, Richard Doherty, explains the process, saying: “Our judges were excited to assess the bold companies that bring emerging technologies to market at ShowStoppers. Startups and multinationals alike have long recognized that ShowStoppers is one of the world’s finest venues to introduce new products to top reporters and influencers from around the world.”

AGNITiO, who underwent a mobile-focused rebrand in December of last year was making a big impact in a CES that was all about strong authentication and biometric capabilities. In addition to raising the judges eyebrows with KIVOX, the company unveiled its FIDO Ready Voice iD solution developed in collaboration with Nok Nok Labs.

“Biometrics was some of the most talked about technology at CES this year for their ability to provide a secure and easy alternative to traditional passwords and PINs,” expanded AGNITiO’s VP of marketing, Mike Goldgof, when this honor was announced.. “2013 tipped off consumer acceptance of biometrics with fingerprint sensors in mobile devices, and in 2014 we expect to see rapid integration of Voice iD in electronics and apps to protect consumers and increase profitability for commercial enterprises.”