Ericsson, China-Based Partners Announce Earthquake Warning Project

Ericsson, China Mobile, and the China Geological Survey Institute are working together to develop a disaster warning system for the many parts of China facing earthquake risks.

Ericsson, China-Based Partners Announce Earthquake Warning ProjectIn a statement announcing the collaboration, Ericsson said the solution will employ an emergency broadcast system using China Mobile’s LTE network, instantly messaging subscribers about earthquake and other natural disaster advisories. The company also said the warning system will leverage “massive IoT technology”, but did not elaborate on this component.

News of the collaboration arrives after Ericsson and China Telecom launched the China Telecom IoT Open Platform this past summer, an enterprise-focused system built upon Ericsson’s Device Connection Platform that is meant to support the Chinese government’s ambitious One Belt One Road initiative.

The companies are currently demonstrating the disaster warning system at this week’s PT Expo China event in Beijing, and the system will be trialled “later this year”, according to Ericsson’s statement.