European Automotive Telecom Alliance Lays Out Smart Car Roadmap

The European Automotive Telecom Alliance, a cross-sector consortium concerned with the development of vehicular IT in the continent, is gearing up for the emergence of the smart car in Europe. At a recent discussion involving European Commission officials, the organization laid out its roadmap to get the relevant technologies on track.European Automotive Telecom Alliance Lays Out Smart Car Roadmap

Starting this year, the EATA will test drive new communications technologies including LTE broadcasting and network slicing in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain, with more EU members expected to join in later. In 2018, the organization will start testing automated driving technologies. The organization has also signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate with automotive ICT consortium 5GAA, and has submitted a request for funding assistance from the Connected Europe Facility.

These efforts are taking shape alongside private sector investments into increasingly sophisticated technologies such as in-car biometrics for the emerging smart car concept. And with the EATA urging EU regulatory authorities not to use too heavy a hand in establishing data regulations, innovations like ignition-based fingerprint scanning and rear view mirror iris scanning could prove critical in helping consumers to ensure their smart cars and their data are in the right hands and on the right track.