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Re-Imagining Digital Identity for Retail and eCommerce

June 5

Re-Imagining Digital Identity In the wake of the current crisis around the world, Growth estimates for global retail in 2020 will be halved from pre-COVID-19 forecasts, overall, but impacts are uneven. Fashion, furniture, and electronics retailers will be hit hardest as consumers forego discretionary purchases in favor of stocking up on food and household supplies. Grocers win, but at a higher cost of operations, and will be highly motivated to be better prepared for the omnichannel shopper and responsiveness to demand shifts.

Retail technology investments will continue to reflect digital transformation efforts, as retailers reserve capital for technology investments by reducing spending on store openings and remodels. The ability to adapt responsively to product, workforce, partner, and operations needs will separate the winners and losers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Retailers must invest in digital technology beyond bolting on new platforms/channels. It’s an opportunity to deliver new value through native and intuitive experiences. Furthermore, it’s a chance to get closer to the customer, in the time of need. Consumers are not only shopping more online as the lockdown progresses — but they are also using their connected devices to shop for more discounts, especially while shopping in stores. This means e-commerce and the digital customer journey are going to continue to skyrocket.

Re-Imagining Digital Identity & Biometric for Retail and eCommerce webinar will 10+ industry experts, over 8  Live Digital Sessions with Engaging Virtual Panel Discussion Joined by more than 200 Key decision Makers from various institutions & organizations Such as Walmart, Amazon Tesco, etc.

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June 5


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