Everlight Electronics Announces Infrared LED Iris Recognition Solution

China-based Everlight Electronics has announced a new iris recognition solution for mobile devices. Called the NIR-C19M, it’s a compact infrared LED sensor supporting a wavelength of 810nm.

Everlight Electronics Announces Infrared LED Iris Recognition SolutionThe solution combines a CMOS sensor with an ISP image processor, and it complies with the IEC62471 safety standard. In a statement announcing the iris reader, Everlight also emphasized its support for “a clear high reflection rate, a small angle (FOV=25) and a radiant intensity of up to 2,700mW/Sr below / less than 1000mA.”

Perhaps most importantly for mobile OEMs, the NIR-C19M sports dimensions of 3.5mm x 3.5mm x 2.3mm. That could appeal to companies seeking to emulate Samsung in its latest smartphones’ support for iris-based authentication.

The solution’s applications aren’t restricted to mobile devices, though, with Everlight also noting that it would be appropriate for access control and security surveillance systems, too.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)