Examity Helps Community College Prevent Cheating in Online Exams

Examity Helps Community College Prevent Cheating in Online Exams

Missouri’s State Fair Community College (SFCC) has teamed up with Examity to prevent cheating in its growing selection of online programs. Examity uses AI tech to provide universities with a range of remote proctoring options, including automated test score validation.

The service will help SFCC ensure the integrity of its programs while meeting the rising demand for online courses. Sixty-three percent of the school’s 4,000+ students take at least one class online during their time at SFCC.

“Online learning provides our students with educational opportunities that would not have been available in a traditional face-to-face setting,” said SFCC Dean of Academic Affairs James Cunningham. “This partnership is about using sophisticated technology and data-driven insights to validate the online learning experience and curb academic dishonesty.”

“Proctoring driven by machine learning technology can help institutions better understand trends, risks, and opportunities related to their online programs — and prevent cheating before it happens,” added Examity Founder and CEO Michael London.

SFCC is not the first institution to use technology to preserve the integrity of its exams. Evaluators in China and Nigeria have used biometric authentication to verify the identities of students taking entrance exams, while Examity has helped secure online tests for Amazon in addition to the University of Missouri, Indiana University, and Harrisburg Community College.