Experts Warn Security Can Barely Keep Up with Pace of Change in IT World

Internet of Things, Smart Tech, Connectivity, Mobile EcosystemIn a press release, security experts with IT solutions provider Unisys have announced some predictions for the near future, with some strong warnings about looming security risks.
They believe that as the Internet of Things continues to expand in everyday life and the business world, it will present more opportunities for fraudsters to exploit security failures. While no sources are cited in the press release, there are studies that suggest such trends: For example, it’s been made pretty clear that as more and more financial transactions are being done online, fraud is ramping up in that area as well.
The Unisys experts point to the biometric security measures tied to platforms such as the Apple Pay mCommerce system as steps in the right direction, noting that in the next year, “the trend will morph from BYOD (bring your own device) to BYOID (bring your own identity).”
There have been studies indicating an unsettling complacency among consumers about their digital security, but there are plenty of industry advocates, such as the FIDO Alliance, that are fighting for greater security standards on behalf of those consumers, whether they know it or not, and biometric security is definitely a major component of the security standards of the future. On this matter, Unisys VP of security solutions and industry applications Terry Hartmann is in full agreement, predicting that “users’ identities will be authenticated through ID codes, IP addresses and tools such as biometric readers built into smartphones. Meanwhile, the back end will serve as an ecosystem for risk assessment.”
The Unisys experts also predict that retail transactions will favour the ease-of-use of mobile payment platforms over chip-embedded credit cards, and that wearable computer technology and cloud computing will complicate the traditional means of network security. 
Dave Frymier, Unisys VP and its chief information security officer, summed it all up pretty neatly: “Cybersecurity problems will continue to exist because technology is changing at a faster rate than organizations can put security measures in place.”