ExxonMobil Enables Apple Watch Payments

ExxonMobil has now enabled Apple Pay payments at gas stations via the Apple Watch, reports 9to5Mac.

ExxonMobil Enables Apple Watch PaymentsIt’s an extension of functionality first enabled a little over a year ago, when ExxonMobil became the first gas company to enable Apple Pay payments. The functionality came by way of the ExxonMobil Speedpass+ app, with Apple Pay integrated into it as a payment method. Now, Apple Pay payments can be made through the Speedpass+ app for Apple’s smartwatch.

Gas companies have proven relatively enthusiastic about Apple Pay, with Shell also having recently worked with Jaguar and Apple (as well as PayPal) to launch the world’s first in-car payment system. It appears to be part of a larger trend that is seeing an increasing fusion of automotive and IT technologies for the emergence of the smart car of the near future.

It’s another win for Apple as the company continues to expand the reach of its platform and lead the mPayments market.

Source: 9to5Mac