EyeLock Receives Three New Patent Approvals

EyeLock LLC has received three new patent approvals pertaining to its mobile biometric authentication technology.

EyeLock Receives Three New Patent ApprovalsOne is for a liveness detection system for iris and facial recognition, while another is for a user guidance mechanism to help mobile users align their gaze for an iris scan. The third patent, meanwhile, is for a process in which a sequence of images are captured for potential iris recognition, and then only the highest quality images in the sequence are used for biometric matching.

In a statement announcing the new patent approvals, EyeLock Chief Technology Officer Jeff Carter said they “demonstrate the VOXX subsidiary’s continued technical expertise and leadership in developing unique capabilities for the efficient deployment of multi-modal biometrics,” and that they “allow EyeLock to capitalize on its strategy to deliver multiple form factor and industry-agnostic authentication platforms.” Carter added that the company will continue to invest in further R&D.

The new patent approvals come after a flurry of IP activity earlier this year, with EyeLock having substantially expanded its roster of US patents. They also arrive soon after EyeLock announced a new Australian distributor for its technology in August.

(Originally Posted on FindBiometrics)