Eyeprint ID Proves To Be A Good Match For Alipay

A wide swath of Alipay users now have access to Eyeprint ID security, and the company behind the system, EyeVerify, is celebrating the deployment in a new blog post outlining the system’s advantages.Eyeprint ID Proves To Be A Good Match For Alipay

An obvious one is ease of use, particularly given that Alipay already employed a facial recognition authentication system using a mobile interface similar to that of Eyeprint ID, which scans vascular patterns in the user’s eyes. EyeVerify says the added layer of authentication helped to build the system’s security, with Eyeprint ID offering an accuracy rate of 99.998 percent – the same as that of the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint scanning system, the company says.

And, as with so many other biometric authentication systems, this has all led to some considerable savings for Alipay. EyeVerify says the mPayment platform “has seen an enormous reduction in the volume of SMS help messages… and calls to their call center” after taking advantage of biometric authentication, and Eyeprint ID is now playing a role in that effort.

EyeVerify was acquired by Alipay operator Ant Financial last autumn, with the rollout of its authentication platform to Alipay customers having kicked off that April. Going forward, EyeVerify says it “could be extended dramatically” to much more of Alipay’s base of hundreds of millions of users.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)