BioConnect and EyeVerify Double Down on Commitment to Global Adoption

In the wake of its acquisition by Ant Financial, EyeVerify is doubling down on its commitment to work with BioConnect. The latter two companies first teamed up earlier this summer, with BioConnect aiming to bring EyeVerify’s eye vein biometrics technology to its eponymous multi-factor authentication platform.BioConnect and EyeVerify Reaffirm Commitment to Global Adoption

With EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID system having attracted some considerable interest from the financial services community, since it can easily be integrated into standard smartphone applications, it seemed a natural integration for BioConnect, whose platform already supports facial and fingerprint biometrics. Of course, Ant Financial was interested, too, and in a deal announced yesterday, the company acquired EyeVerify, seemingly with an eye to bringing EyeVerify’s biometric authentication technology to the Alipay mobile payment platform it operates.

That could ultimately be a good development for BioConnect, too. In a new statement, EyeVerify CEO Toby Rush affirmed that the “tremendous demand” for biometric authentication for payments reflects “needs which our partnership with BioConnect are designed to meet.” Meanwhile, BioConnect CEO Rob Douglas said the Ant Financial acquisition actually “reinforces our enthusiasm for Eyeprint ID as we see this as a launch pad for global adoption”.

Indeed, Ant Financial is a big company, and could carry EyeVerify and, by proxy, BioConnect to new heights.


(Originally ported on FindBiometrics)