MWC 2015: EyeVerify to Fully Integrate Tech into AirWatch Platform

Eye_iris-620x350More details have emerged about the integration of EyeVerify technology into the AirWatch EMM platform announced last week. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, EyeVerify is now confirming that its Eyeprint ID technology has been integrated into the AirWatch app SDK and the iOS-based AirWatch Chat, and will have further deployments later in Q1.

The company says that its technology will be integrated into the entire line of AirWatch offerings, including AirWatch Video, AirWatch Inbox, AirWatch Container, and AirWatch Content Locker. It’s all part of AirWatch developer VMware’s efforts to add biometric security capabilities to its enterprise-level mobile management platform – an effort that’s increasingly important for two major reasons. One is the growing popularity of mobile devices in work settings, which is leading to greater amounts of sensitive data being transmitted digitally and susceptible to new security vulnerabilities, with biometrics being put forward by experts as one of the most important security solutions to this issue.

The other major concern is that AirWatch is beginning to integrate IoT compatibility, which could further expose data to digital threats. Again the answer here is biometric security, and the company is prudent to embrace it this early in its IoT integration efforts. Speaking in a press release, the general manager of AirWatch by VMware, John Marshall, stated that the integration of EyeVerify technology “gives our end users easy access to business-critical applications while allowing IT to maintain high levels of security for devices and corporate data.” That also speaks to a growing level credibility on the part of EyeVerify, which has in the last couple of months seen some major deployments of its eye vein scanning technology.