FacePhi’s Banco Inbursa Deployment Has Gone Live

FacePhi‘s deployment with Banco Inbursa has gone live.

Banco Inbursa's Biometric Login System Goes LiveThe project was first announced this past summer, when the Mexican bank contracted FacePhi’s Selphi solution for customer authentication on its mobile app. True to its name, Selphi verifies a user’s identity via selfie, with facial recognition being used to match the subject as depicted in her self-taken picture against the biometric profile on record.

With the successful deployment of the solution, Banco Inbursa has become the first financial institution in Mexico to use facial recognition for customer authentication, according to a statement from FacePhi. The system is being used on both FacePhi’s mobile app and its website to facilitate online login.

With FacePhi’s help, Banco Inbursa has become something of a pioneer in promoting this kind of biometric authentication, but major players in financial services have also been exploring facial recognition for authentication, as illustrated in Mastercard’s Identity Check system. For FacePhi, the deployment represents continued momentum, with Banco Inbursa being its ninth financial services client.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)