FacePhi’s Selphi Platform Attains FIDO UAF Certification

FacePhi has attained FIDO UAF certification for its Selphi platform.

FacePhi's Selphi Platform Attains FIDO UAF CertificationThe platform is based on facial recognition, and allows end users to authenticate by taking a selfie using a smartphone. It has seen numerous deployments over the past year, with a strong focus on serving the financial services sector.

Now, the FIDO Universal Authentication Framework certification validates the platform’s claims to providing easy, secure mobile authentication without storing sensitive user data on external servers. It also burnishes FacePhi’s and Selphi’s credibility more broadly, with the company asserting in a statement that “FIDO is the most important set of standards” pertaining to authentication security.

For FIDO, meanwhile, the certification points to a growing reach across the authentication industry, with the announcement of FacePhi’s certification arriving soon after that of HYPR’s biometric authentication platform earlier this week.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)