Facial Recognition Lets App Unlock Other Apps, Obscure Screen

IObit has upgraded the facial recognition feature of its Android security app.

Facial Recognition Lets App Unlock Other Apps, Obscure ScreenIObit Applock is designed to protect specific apps with biometric access control. Its Face Lock feature automatically scans a user’s face in order to authenticate for access, and with its upgrade now sports “improved liveness detection”, according to a statement from IObit.

Another feature, called Fake Lock, can cover locked apps with fake error messages or can obscure the whole screen with a fake crack or incoming call, and offers voice and fingerprint recognition for added security. That feature is part of a premium version of the app available for USD $2.99.

It’s another sign of the increasing proliferation of biometric security on mobile devices, and is far from the only mobile biometric security app. It isn’t even the only ‘Applock’, with Sensory having announced an upgrade to its own facial and voice biometrics-based AppLock app earlier this year.