FDA Approves Home Use of HealthPatch MD Patient Monitoring Biosensor

Medical patients requiring long term care will be able to experience around the clock health monitoring from the comfort of their own home thanks to new innovations in wearable technology. Today, Vital Connect announced that the FDA has cleared its HealthPatch MD wearable biosensor for home use, allowing for remote care at all hours of the day.

Vital Connect’s solution can check a great number of vital and motion biometrics, allowing professionals to stay connected to patients while freeing up bed space in hospitals. HealthPatch reads ECG, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, steps, posture and also features fall detection. Changes in any of these measurements can trigger customizable alerts that are sent to the assigned physician’s smartphone.

The biosensor is small, weighing only 10 grams and measuring 6mm in thickness. It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth to access WiFi and relay information. The data transfer process meets HIPAA guidelines and has already been approved for distribution in Canada and the United Kingdom.

“Receiving FDA clearance for HealthPatch MD to be used in home care settings is an important milestone for the future of the healthcare industry,” says Nersi Nazari, CEO of Vital Connect. “Medical professionals will soon be able to provide unparalleled service to their home care patients because the HealthPatch MD will allow them to know if a patient’s heart rate or respiratory rate, for example, crosses a predetermined threshold and react accordingly. And, bulky machines that interfere with daily activities will no longer inhibit a patient’s normal routine. Monitoring will occur seamlessly and will not interfere with a patient’s routine at home, work, or leisure. Patients will have confidence that their condition is being monitored by a healthcare professional outside of the healthcare setting.”

Mobility is allowing for greatly increased efficiency in healthcare. Aside from enabling home monitoring, new innovations in electronic health records are helping cut down on diagnosis time. Recently, Mobile ID World reported on Calgary Scientific’s HIPAA compliant record viewing solution, Resolution MD, which is helping make medical BYOD a reality.