New Feitian ‘All-in-One’ Card Features FPC Sensor

New Feitian 'All-in-One' Card Features FPC Sensor

Feitian has launched a new “all-in-one” card solution aimed at the enterprise and payments markets, and featuring a biometric authentication capability.

Called the “Fingerprint Power Card”, it features a built-in fingerprint sensor, allowing the end user to enroll a biometric profile which is then cryptographically stored in the card’s built-in Secure Element. Feitian says it adheres to FIDO Alliance standards, and that it can operate over RFID or NFC, enabling biometric authentication during card scans or payment transactions.

In a statement announcing the new card solution, Feitian International Business GM Tibi Zhang emphasized the security it affords to users’ biometric data. “Because the fingerprint data is always stored cryptographically and locally on your device and isn’t sent anywhere else or held by any other party, it makes our all-in-one Power Card the perfect combination of portability and security for access control, identification, and payment solutions,” she said.

The card’s fingerprint sensor was provided by Fingerprint Cards, which officially announced its partnership with Feitian toward the end of 2018. The Swedish biometrics specialist has been maneuvering for position ahead of the emerging biometric payment cards market, and it appears that Feitian’s new card represents the latest step forward in that effort.