New Board Member Feitian Technologies Offers FIDO Influence in China

Feitian Technologies has joined the FIDO Alliance’s Board of Directors, and its representative, Managing Director of International Business Tibi Zhang, says the company will be a strong ally in promoting FIDO standards in China and around the world.New FIDO Board Member Offers Influence in China

Feitian is a China-based security company that has had a strong focus on the e-commerce, banking, and government markets, and in a Q & A with the FIDO Alliance, Zhang says its strong ties in these sectors should allow it to be a strong driver of acceptance of FIDO standards. Its being embedded in these areas should also position Feitian as an important member of the FIDO China Working Group.

The company is working to develop its own FIDO-compliant products, as well. Zhang notes that it recently adapted its BLE smart card technology to FIDO specifications and now offers it as “a powerful BLE FIDO U2F authenticator”, for example, and his company is interested in biometric authentication, too.

Perhaps most importantly, there is, on a fundamental level, “a very strong consistency between Feitian’s market strategy and the FIDO Alliance mission,” Zhang says. As organizations increasingly adopt FIDO standards—even when they’re not FIDO members or stakeholders—Feitian’s messaging on this matter could therefore prove persuasive to a number of its partners and clients.