FIDO Alliance Strengthens Its Focus on India

The FIDO Alliance is sharpening its focus on India. With the support of Persistent Systems, the Data Security Council of India, Egis Technologies, Feitian, Nok Nok Labs, and NXP, the cross-industry consortium recently hosted two half-day seminars in the country, in the cities of Bangalore and Mumbai.

FIDO Alliance Strengthens Its Focus on IndiaIn a post on FIDO’s website, the organization’s Senior Director of Marketing, Andrew Shikiar, said that the country’s population “is more connected by the day,” with more than a billion mobile subscribers. And as the country starts to move toward digital transactions, its government “has mandated second-factor authentication for all online and mobile transactions.” Accordingly, FIDO’s goal is to engage with policy and industry leaders to foster the adoption of 2FA systems that are more secure and efficient than the OTP SMS, PKI, and digital certificates that are currently in use.

It’s also worth pointing out that India is one of the global hotspots for biometric technology, thanks in large part to government efforts related to the Aadhaar biometric national ID program. With biometric authentication already commonplace, India’s market may be particularly receptive to the kinds of authentication technologies—including biometrics—promoted by FIDO.

FIDO is certainly going to explore the matter, with Shikiar concluding, “We’re excited to build on this initial foray into India, and in the near future will be launching a dedicated effort in the region in order to support and grow the local FIDO community.”


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)