FIDO Alliance Extends Hand to Other Industry Associations

FIDO Alliance Extends Hand to Other Industry AssociationsThe FIDO Alliance has launched a new program to foster meaningful ties with other global not-for-profit consortia and associations. Called the FIDO Cooperation & Liaison Program, its main objective is to invite other organizations to contribute their own perspectives on matters relating to FIDO’s mission, which is of course to develop open authentication standards for online security.

In a statement announcing the new program, FIDO Alliance executive director Brett McDowell explained that the FIDO Cooperation & Liaison Program would provide opportunities “to work closely with associations of stakeholders that share a common need for better online authentication and open industry standards.” The new program grew in part out of an acknowledgment that some organizations with interests overlapping with those of FIDO are nevertheless unlikely to join the organization, having instead become members of alternate trade associations more specific to their own business goals; the FIDO Cooperation & Liaison Program offers a means of establishing meaningful collaborative relationships with those organizations nevertheless, which ultimately will help all parties to improve industry standards to everyone’s benefit.

The FIDO Cooperation & Liaison Program launches with several major partners on board including Biometrics Institute, International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA), Bluetooth SIG, GlobalPlatform, Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), OpenID Foundation, National Cyber Security Alliance, SmartCard Alliance, Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), and W3C. Given how rapidly FIDO’s membership has grown since its launch in 2013, it’s fair to expect more partners to join the ranks soon, particularly with the rise of the Internet of Things incentivizing the development of further standards in security and IT architecture.