FIDO-Based Biometrics to Make Android Shopping, PC Banking Easier and Safer

With the help of FIDO Alliance standards, Google is about to make shopping a lot easier on Android smartphones.

FIDO-Based Biometrics to Make Android Shopping, PC Banking Easier and SaferTaking to the stage at this week’s Money20/20 event in Las Vegas, Google Identity and Security Product Manager Christiaan Brand demoed how user information can automatically be filled in on mobile checkout forms, and purchases can then be finalized with a simple fingerprint scan. The functionality comes by way of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Payments standard, and its Web Authentication standard, which is based on FIDO 2.0 Web APIs.

These standards haven’t yet been officially published, but once W3C moves forward with them, Google will be able to bring this convenient authentication and payment system to Android devices – a win for both consumers and businesses looking to reduce cart abandonment.

Meanwhile, in the financial services sector, Bank of America has just announced that it’s going to enable biometric security for online banking on Windows devices next year – and here, too, FIDO standards will play an important role. The functionality will come by way of Intel Online Connect, which will be combined with Bank of America’s FIDO certified authentication system, meaning user data will be kept safe on the user’s own device, and not susceptible to the kinds of server data breaches that have recently made big headlines. Again, FIDO-based biometric security is set to deliver big benefits to end users.

Source: The FIDO Alliance