New FIDO Board Member Could Be Impactful Ally in Korea

The newest member of the FIDO Alliance’s Board of Directors could prove to be an powerful ally in Korea.

New FIDO Board Member Could Be Impactful Ally in KoreaThat new member is Korea-based ICT specialist Raonsecure. The company helped Korea’s Shinhan Bank to implement FIDO-compliant fingerprint authentication on its mobile app last summer, and is poised to increase its impact through its position on the FIDO board. In an interview with FIDO, Raonsecure Chief Alliance Officer Dongypyo Hong asserts that digital banking is extremely popular in the country, and that “Raonsecure has been among the first to supply a FIDO Certified solution to those industries and commercialize it for banking services in Korea,” adding “we have helped construct most of the biometric authentication infrastructure in Korea – used by mobile carriers and fintech services among others.”

That suggests Raonsecure is particularly well-positioned to drive FIDO adoption in the country. And what’s more, the market is ready. Dongypyo says that “the Korean people actively want enterprises and the government to come up with better and innovative methods to existing authentication methods used today.”

The assessment bodes well for FIDO’s efforts in the country, and underlines the importance of getting domestically-based actors onboard in FIDO’s more regionally focused efforts.