Roster of 72 FIDO Certified Products Now Includes iOS Offerings

Roster of 72 FIDO Certified Products Now Includes iOS OfferingsThe FIDO Alliance has announced that there are now a whopping 72 FIDO Certified products on the market. Significantly, iOS products now number among the offerings.

FIDO is, of course, the cross-industry collaborative group seeking to establish and enhance digital authentication standards. Its new iOS products include offerings from Samsung SDS, Egis, and FIDO co-founder Nok Nok Labs. They represent part of a greater strengthening of FIDO’s mobile lineup; the Alliance says that the world’s ten leading smartphone makers are now represented among its membership or else in its FIDO Certified product ecosystem – an important development, given the increasing importance of secure authentication on mobile devices, particularly with the rise of mPayment platforms.

Its latest batch of FIDO Certified products also features offerings from DDS, Feitian, Goodix, Hypersecu, Neowave, LG Electronics and Sony. Products range from servers to applications to authenticators.

In a statement, FIDO Alliance president Dustin Ingalls celebrated a growing “abundance of options that enable easy adoption of strong authentication for Internet providers and services, enterprise and consumers,” adding, “In less than three years, the FIDO Alliance has delivered standards and a range of products that make it possible now to see a world that doesn’t rely on passwords, but rather is prepared with more secure, private, and convenient FIDO authentication.”