FIDO Certifies Morpho Mobile Facial Recognition

Morpho's Mobile Facial Recognition Solution Gets FIDO CertificationMorpho (Safran)’s mobile facial recognition solution has attained FIDO Alliance certification, the company has announced.

It’s a ‘selfie-based solution,’as the company says: It uses the camera of a smartphone or tablet to get live video of a user, and scans that footage to get facial biometrics for authentication. The aim is to use this means of authentication as a PIN and password replacement, and to that end the system’s emphasis on liveness detection is a key component helping to secure against potential spoofing.

The great benefit of the FIDO certification is that it ensures that Morpho’s system is compatible with a growing ecosystem of FIDO Certified products and applications. Commenting in a statement, Morpho CEO Anne Bouverot asserted, “In the fight against identity fraud for mobile transactions, Morpho is developing with FIDO viable solutions which are easier to use and protect consumers.”

Morpho has over the last couple of months made decisive moves into mobile solutions, and Bouverot’s reference to mobile transactions specifically is perhaps telling. The company recently acquired an mPayment startup called AirTag, and its latest mobile authentication could prove particularly useful in this area. But the company hasn’t yet begun to really market its mobile authentication solution, so it remains to be seen how Morpho will proceed from its FIDO certification.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)