FIDO and GSMA Join Forces

The FIDO Alliance and GSMA have teamed up to help foster the development of standardized, secure authentication solutions.

FIDO and GSMA Join ForcesThe collaboration comes in the wake of the biggest Mobile World Congress yet. As FIDO Alliance marketing director Andrew Shikiar tells it in a new post on the FIDO website, the question of how FIDO standards fit into the GSMA’s Mobile Connect digital authentication platform has come up with increasing frequency since the event. The goal of Mobile Connect, Shikiar notes, is to enable “simple, secure and convenient access to online services via your mobile device, anywhere” – an aspiration that aligns with FIDO’s own goals. Now, through a new “liaison partnership”, the organizations “will explore how FIDO Authentication and Mobile Connect fit together from both a technical and market perspective.”

The partnership could dramatically extend the reach of FIDO’s standards, with Mobile Connect having now been launched in 29 markets. And as Mobile Connect becomes more popular, that should encourage device makers and service providers to ensure that their offerings are FIDO compliant. Meanwhile, FIDO’s standards will help to ensure that the organizations taking advantage of Mobile Connect are ensuring a high level of security for end users.

At a time when digital security is a greater concern than ever before, the FIDO-GSMA partnership could have a considerable impact on organizations and mobile users, which is to say, pretty much everyone.