FIDO Supports ‘Lock Down Your Login’ Campaign

The FIDO Alliance has announced its support to the ‘Lock Down Your Login’ campaign. Aimed at encouraging users to move beyond password-based security, ‘Lock Down Your Login’ is one component of the larger ‘STOP. THINK. CONNECT.’ campaign promoted by the National Cyber Security Alliance.

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FIDO Joins NCSA Post-Password Campaign

In a statement announcing its support for the campaign, the FIDO Alliance pointed to Yahoo’s recently announced data breach as an example of the increasing dangers posed by digital security threats, asserting, “The only way to stop this trend is to end our dependency on password security and adopt unphishable strong authentication.” As to the specifics of its support for the campaign, together with the NCSA and the Electronic Transactions Association, FIDO will host an event in Washington called Future of Authentication Policy Day. Scheduled for October 27th, the event will feature both government and industry speakers, and will cover the evolution of authentication in the private market with an eye to how policy needs to adapt.

Digital security solutions provider TeleSign also offered its support for ‘Lock Down Your Login’ this week, and the Alliance’s joining the ranks should help to further encourage other organizations to join in as well, given the growing importance of both FIDO and its authentication standards.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)