FIDO Standards Promote Innovation, Says Samsung SDS Exec

The FIDO Alliance’s authentication standards are helping to foster innovation, says Samsung SDS America’s Shankar Saibabu. Writing in a new blog post for FIDO, Samsung SDS America’s Solutions Architecture Director and FIDO Standard Specialist lays out how the standards help to increase security while allowing for a good user experience.FIDO Standards Promote Innovation, Says Samsung SDS Exec

For starters, standards in general can be of great benefit, since when they catch on they allow companies to focus on creating new solutions without “having to reinvent the wheel,” and they can help to ensure interoperability with other solutions. FIDO’s standards, of course, are certainly catching on, with major companies now taking advantage even if they aren’t FIDO members or stakeholders.

But looking to the FIDO standards more specifically, Saibabu points out that they are helping to encourage the development of a range of biometric authentication solutions—a technological area to which Samsung is no stranger. And the U2F standards are helping to foster BLE and NFC solutions that allow for proximity-based, wireless second-factor authentication. All the while, by laying out only the foundations for strong authentication, and not delving into specific guidelines, FIDO allows companies to develop user experiences tailored to their own offerings.

That all translates to better security and happier users, which in turn can drive these companies to even further innovation and success.