FIDO Shares Full Agenda for Authenticate 2020

FIDO Shares Full Agenda for Authenticate 2020

The FIDO Alliance has released the full agenda for its upcoming Authenticate conference. The inaugural event is scheduled to run from June 2-3 in Seattle.

Authenticate was first announced back in September, and is the FIDO Alliance’s first attempt at hosting a major industry event. The conference was set up to advance the organization’s passwordless authentication initiatives.

With that in mind, Authenticate will feature case studies from a slew of technology and service providers, including heavy hitters like Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, MITRE, and NTT DOCOMO. There will also be sessions that explore the current state of authentication and offer technical advice for people looking to implement FIDO protocols for payments, identity verification, and IoT devices, amongst other applications.

Those more practical demos will be paired with policy discussions that address the need to ensure the privacy of citizens and delve into regulations like PSD2, GDPR, and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

“Authenticate provides the industry with an opportunity for education and discussion on implementing modern authentication,” said FIDO Executive Director and CMO Andrew Shikiar. “FIDO encourages organizations of all sizes to prioritize stronger security, and we are eager to share the tools and resources to help them get there.”

Public key cryptography inventor Dr. Whitfield Diffie will be the featured keynote speaker for the event. Google’s Mark Risher, Yubico’s Stina Ehrensvard, and Microsoft’s Joy Chik will also give keynote presentations during the conference.