FIDO Welcomes IdentityX To Board of Directors

identityx logoIf there is one organization that can be said to best exemplify the post-password paradigm, it must be the FIDO Alliance. Only having just turned one year old last month, the consortium dedicated to revolutionizing online authentication through its open specifications, the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance has been recruiting, collaborating, inviting and preaching its way toward a future that is more efficient, more secure and less filled with fraud.

Yesterday, FIDO announced the addition of another member to its already substantial board of directors which includes the likes of Google, PayPal, MasterCard and Microsoft to name just a few. IdentityX, an affiliate of Daon that is committed to bestowing the power of choice to the world as it embraces biometrics.

IdentityX has been working at this since its founding in 2010, and its company philosophy is right up FIDO’s alley. The solution provider’s contributions to the passwordless future focus on empowering customers, allowing them to choose which authentication factor or multifactors are best for them. IdentityX’s Infinity platform is set up to allow not only for biometric solutions that are widely available (fingerprint, face and voice) but also those that are yet to go mainstream on a consumer level (ie. palm vein).

IdentityX President Conor White commented, “By becoming a board member of the Alliance, IdentityX is provided with the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders to reach a common goal – more secure, more convenient and more flexible authentication solutions. Biometrics and multi-factor security play key roles in developing protocol standards, and we are eager to contribute our deep expertise in these areas to the Alliance.”

“It is an exciting time to be joining the FIDO Alliance, just as we published the first review draft of our technology specifications,” explains Michael Barrett, president of the FIDO Alliance. “IdentityX is a known leader in the biometrics and multi-factor security space, and we greatly look forward to their contributions to the Alliance. As they join the leadership of the Alliance, we look forward to working with them to provide guidance on authentication best practices for enterprises.”

As previously promised by Barrett, 2014 has already seen a number of FIDO Ready solutions come to fruition, many of which were on full display at last week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. Arguably this biggest related news is the promise of Alliance board member PayPal partnering with Samsung to allow for biometrically authenticated online payments with the launch of the Galaxy S5 smartphone.

To learn more about IdentityX’s mission to enable the freedom to choose authentication factors, be sure to read the recent interview Mobile ID World had with Conor White, prior to MWC 2014.