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Participate in the 2017 FindBiometrics Year in Review SurveyWelcome back to the longest running annual review of the biometrics industry! Now in its 15th year, the FindBiometrics Year in Review, brought to you by Leidos, is a two month event that distills an entire year of growth, innovation, controversy, and evolution in the identity technology industry into a series of accessible feature articles, actionable data, and an expert webinar.

Major players in the biometrics industry rely on the FindBiometrics Year in Review to check the pulse of strong authentication across critical vertical markets and modalities before embarking on a new year. The past half-decade has been particularly disruptive in the biometrics arena, and after twelve months of innovations and break-neck paradigm shifts, the industry can start to look quite different. With incisive analysis and input from readers like you, the FindBiometrics Year in Review highlights the biggest trends, opportunities, and challenges facing vendors, organizations, and customers in this space – coalescing a year’s worth of development into a digestible narrative milestone for the industry. 

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