Fingerprint Cards AB Launches New Touch Sensor For Android and Windows

Fingerprint Cards Releases New Touch Sensor

“Deliveries of the sensor are starting now and mass market manufacturing is slated to begin during Q3 2014.”

Swedish sensor manufacturer Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) made a big splash late last year when it released the FPC1020 capacitive touch sensor. Today the company has announced that is has launched its next entry in mobile fingerprint sensor technology, releasing its new FPC1021: the smallest fingerprint sensor released to date by Fingerprint Cards.

This new sensor is built on its predecessor’s technology, extending the FPC touch sensor range, coming preloaded with software and matching algorithms for Windows and Android devices The FPC2021 is over 30 percent smaller in size than its predecessor without compromising performance thanks to major advances in the included matching algorithms.

The smaller size is an obvious benefit in the mobile market that the FPC1021 is meant for, allowing for integration in devices that offer physical restraints in terms of what can fit on the smartphone or tablet.

Deliveries of the sensor are starting now and mass market manufacturing is slated to begin during Q3 2014.

“With FPC1021, FPC is demonstrating that we are serious in our aim of leading the deployment of touch fingerprint sensors for Android and Windows device OEMs,” says Jörgen Lantto, executive vice president, CTO and also head of strategy and product management at FPC. “As previously announced, our first touch fingerprint sensor FPC1020is now becoming integrated in the first commercial mobile devices, and with FPC1021 our objective is to further extend our leading position and confirm FPC as the market leader in touch fingerprint sensors. FPC intends to continue to develop and launch globally best-in-class touch and swipe sensor variants in the months and quarters to come.”

Fingerprint Cards has recently had quite a bit of success with its touch sensor technology, receiving an order of FPC1020 units worth SEK 4 million in relation to a design win that will see the technology included on a flagship smartphone this summer.

To learn more about FPC’s decision to focus on their touch sensor offerings be sure to read the interview on our sister site, findBIOMETRICS, between Mobile ID World president Peter O’Neill and Urban Fagerstedt, chairman of Fingerprint Cards.