Fingerprint Cards AB Licenses Precise Biometrics’ Biometric Algorithm

9436_fingerprint-cards_fingerprintcardslogoThe momentum continues to build in the world of mobile-based fingerprint biometrics with the announcement today that Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) has entered into an agreement with Precise Biometrics that will see FPC licensing its new partner’s fingerprint algorithm to further enhance its capacitive sensor offerings. The agreement will have existing FPC products bundled with the Precise Biometrics algorithm in an attempt to improve the sensors’ speed and accuracy as the manufacturer targets the mobile device market.

The decision to select Precise Biometrics’ offering as the algorithm of choice is due to a high compatibility. According to Fingerprint Cards CEO, Johan Carlström, the algorithm performs impressively when paired with FPC sensors.

“Our evaluation shows that Fingerprint Card’s sensors have outstanding performance, including image quality, power consumption and footprint,” adds Precise Biometrics CEO Thomas Marschall. “Their position as market leader in the mobile phone and tablet space and their many design wins are also impressive. Forecasts by leading analysts of +1.5 billion smartphones being sold already in 2015, as well as clear signs that major players currently are working to include fingerprint sensors in their upcoming products, boosts our positive view on the market in the coming years.”

This agreement comes a week after it was reported that both companies have been benefiting from persistent iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor rumors. By further focusing on the smartphone and tablet industry with this new bundle, this news adds to the mountain of anticipation as fingerprint based biometric security all but explodes into the hands and pockets of the public at large.