Fingerprint Cards AB Purchases Anacatum Design

FPC Acquires Anacatum DesignSwedish biometric sensor manufacturer Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) announced Monday that it has acquired all outstanding shares of Anacatum Design AB. Anacatum is a Swedish technology licensing and ASIC developing company based out of Linkoping.

Prior to this acquisition, FPC had already licensed Anacatum’s Analog to Digital Converter technology and used the company’s ASIC development services in the creation of Fingerprint Cards touch and swipe sensors.

The acquisition price not being disclosed, but as of yesterday Anacatum is an owned subsidiary of Fingerprint Cards AB.

Rolf Sundblad, CTO and Managing Director of Anacatum Design AB, comments: “This acquisition marks the continuation of the strong collaboration FPC has had with Anacatum since Anacatum was founded and the start of a new phase when Anacatum becomes fully integrated with FPC. We will bring our patented ADC technology into FPC as well as a team of highly skilled engineers and we are very much looking forward to creating even more competitive technology while being a part of FPC.

FPC has been in the industry news quite a bit over the past two months. In addition to receiving very large orders in service of a design win from December 2013 that will see Fingerprint Cards’ technology on a tier one flagship smartphone this summer, the company released a new biometric sensor: the FPC1021.