Fingerprint Cards Sensor on Blu Pure XL

Fingerprint Cards Sensor on Blu Pure XLA Fingerprint Cards sensor has made it way into yet another smartphone. The Pure XL, a mobile device from Blu, uses the FPC1025.

The Pure XL is a big, mid-range device running on a lightly-customized version of Android Lollipop. It features a 24MP camera and 3GB of RAM, but its standout feature is its large, 6″ screen. All told, Blu appears to be aiming for value with this smartphone, which fits well with FPC’s project to produce reliable, relatively inexpensive fingerprint sensors.

Notably, Blu is an American company based in Miami, so this integration marks another sign of FPC’s expansion beyond the Asia-Pacific market, where the company is currently a powerhouse in the fingerprint sensor market. It also recently saw its technology integrated into a smartphone from a Silicon Valley startup, as well as a German OEM.

Whether the integration does indeed turn out to be part of a major new push beyond the Asian OEM market, it’s another feather in FPC’s cap as growing demand for smartphone fingerprint sensors continues to boost the company’s profits.

Source: Android Central


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)